Solenoid, Butterfly Valve, Ball valve, Angle Seat, Knife Gate Valve & Limit Switch supplies in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia

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Other Series Products

  • Two piston,four piston, vane actuator and scotch yoke pneumatic actuator products.
  • Electric actuator products, patent &, Explosion-proof structure design.
  • DFL210,DFL1000 (explosion-proof structure design)limit switch, IP67 water-proof design.
  • Solenoid valve prducts, have stable and reliable performance.
  • Manufacture stainless steel CF8M (316) valves , with OEM exported. Flanged ball valves, 1pc, 2pc, 3pc ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, filter, pneumatic angle seat valves, floating ball valves

All Torque Control is all dedicated towards matching the demands of automation Industry. We Offer Electric Actuators and its various accessories & Integrals like Solenoid, Butterfly Valve, Ball valve, Angle Seat, Knife Gate Valve & Limit Switch supplies in the ranges of Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia with supreme quality assurance and genuine prices for every suitable kind of industry requirements and all sort of applications.


a)Solenoid Valve
A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid. We fulfill the requirements of common 5/2way and 3/2way solenoid valves and ASCO or NORGREN (world leader in motion and fluid control technologies) explosion-proof solenoid valves. All Torque is the leading Solenoid Valve Supplier in Malaysian proximities.

Features Include

  • Pilot or direct acting,
  • Very Low power consumption, to make your activities energy efficient and minimize electricity usage.
  • Temperature as low as -40℃,
  • SS316 material used,
  • Flame-proof,
  • No Lubrication Required
  • ATEX, NEMA, SIL3 certified.

b) Butterfly Valve
a valve consisting of a rotating circular plate or a pair of hinged semicircular plates whose main functioning is to regulate or prevent flow. All Torque deals with various Butterfly Valves wholesaling in Thailand and Malaysia.

c) Ball Valves Manufacture stainless steel CF8M (316) valves, with OEM exported. Flanged ball valves, 1pc, 2pc, 3pc ball valves, check valves, globe valves, floating ball valves.

d) Knife Gate Valve Knife Gate Valve are designed for isolation, on-off applications in corrosive, abrasive liquid applications in industries.

e) Angle Seat Valve An angle seat piston valve is a pneumatically-controlled valve with a piston actuator providing linear actuation to lift a seal off its seat. The seat is set at an angle to provide the maximum possible flow when unseated.

Features Include

  • Capping: SS316 cap internal thread (88013-A), Plastic cap internal thread (88013-B)
  • Size: 1/2"~2"
  • Thread standard: NPT.BSPT.BSP.DIN2999.ISO228/1
  • Working pressure: PN16 (200psi for W.O.G.)
  • Working Temperature: -50℃~230℃

f) Limit Switches With a main function as preventing the travel of an object in a mechanism past some predetermined point, mechanically operated by the motion of the object itself. In order to meet customers demand, ALL TORQUE delivers DFL210, DFL1000 limit switch boxes. We understand very well the needs of Electric Actuators that’s why we are one of the major Limit Switch Manufacturers in the domains of Indonesia.

Features Include

  • Packing: explosion-proof structure limit switch, IP67 water-proof design.
  • Finishing: Coating of Epoxy-Polyester outside against corrosive action resistance
  • Temperature: upto 80 degrees
  • SPDT and DPDT switches options.
  • DFL1000 series is suitably designed for actuator valves.

Buying from All Torque

Our Electric actuators and accessories are created with specific needs of customers. Not only Malaysia and Indonesia our supplying capabilities equally cover Thailand also. Our products have an edge when you talk about safety and global. From actuators to valves and All Torque means a name of trust and quality. standards. Give All Torque a chance to experience precision and excellence.