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Operations Schematic Diagram

When the piping and flow control system working properly, the gear operator is placed in auto mode. The pressed air paths are as following:
  • Filter regulator.
  • Safety shift gear operator (P-A).
  • Solenoid valve.
  • Pneumatic actuator.
When the piping and control flow system in failure, we should shift the gear operator to manual mode by turning the shift handle. At this moment, the air flow path (P-A) is completely blocked safely, (A- R) provide a exhaust path for the actuator. The safety shift device built into the body of gear operator which follows IP67 protection standard, free from impact or any bad working conditions.

AT All TORQUE CONTROL we provide end to end solutions to meet the global demands of modern process control system with a great amount of patience and courage, for automation of Controlling Elements as valve, stems etc. We are fully dedicated towards becoming the most trusted Brand Name in Pneumatic & Electric Actuator Wholesaling and Supplying specially in the stretches and proximities of Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia by creating a robust supply environment with a dependable quality Electrical Actuators for every suitable kind of industries and all type of applications

Pneumatic Actuator & Electric Actuator:

All Torque Control offers some of the finest available series of Pneumatic Actuator & Electric Actuator products for the Mechanical, Automation and heavy industrial needs. Known for its quality and endurance our product designs not only offer a decent product life cycle but also a very strong service base. All Torque Control is the leading Pneumatic Actuator & Electric Actuator Wholesaler as well as Supplier brand in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia regions.


A pneumatic actuator converts the energy from this compressed air into motion. The motion can be rotary or linear, depending on the type of actuator. It basically house a cylinder, valves or ports. We offer a Two Piston Pneumatic Actuators which consist an Indicator, Pinion, Actuator Body, End Cap, Piston, Adjusting Bolt, Spring Piston Ring, O-rings and Air Connection.

An Electric Actuator is one of the most readily available varieties among actuators. It doesn’t leave stains because of no oil usage which makes it cleanest among all available variants. Our Electric Actuators Designs are fully Explosion Proof.


  • Make: Pistons are Manufactured specially from Die-cast aluminum and treated by anodized hardening process. Actuator body is made up of High quality aluminum alloy extrusion formation.
  • Safety: Air Connections strictly matches to NAMUR standards and also all stop parts are manufactured from SS304.
  • Finishing: The surface has been treated by anodized hardening followed by epoxy polyester coating. Other surface treatments like colour coating customization etc. are also available.
  • Maintenance: Simple configuration makes it easy to maintain.

  • Some Additional Features:
  • a) Our designs are able to drill four more extra thread holes on the bottom of the actuator in comparison to other ordinary actuators available out there in market.
    b) Using our connecting plates, it can be easily connected with all sort of globally used international standard valve flanges.

    c) To make it efficient, economic and suitable for all kinds of valve stems and connecting keys by using our insert.
    d) All Torque Actuators are provided with a large diameter hole of the output pinion on the bottom.

An All Torque Advantage.

Our Pneumatic actuators are created with an innovative approach to provide customers a unique service experience with an established brand name, reasonable price quotes and a completely wide array of variety in the earliest possible time. We are committed to serve you even better by combining technological experience and engineering expertise.

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