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Declutchable Manual Override Gear

  • High-strength,high-output torque.
  • But it in one body,IP67 solid weatherproof sealing.
  • Mouting base standard, ISO5211.
  • Patented pneumatic-hand shift safety device.
  • Self lubricated bearing for worm & worm gear
  • WCB body surface tradted by phosphating, epoxy & polyester coating.
  • Yellow & black color

All TORQUE CONTROL is a brand to bank upon if you are looking for Declutchable Manual Override Gear devices. We are an established name in Declutchable Manual Override Gear Wholesaling and Supplying specially in the regions of Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia. Our Technological experiences and a promising service team gives us an edge over other similar providers out there in the market. We are committed to fulfill global demands of automation process control systems with our innovative ideas and zeal to improve the designs with passing time, for automation industrial needs in order to become more competitive and provide you the latest and the best technologies available.


Declutchable Manual Override Gear are quarter-turn devices used to manually override pneumatic valve actuators in power and process applications and usage. All Torque Control DFM series Manual Override Gears are crafted to give an ultimate service life and a rich user experience.

At All Torque Control Products are finished and assembled with great precaution and by the international standards & Norms only. We are one of the biggest Wholesaler and Suppliers in countries of Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia.


  • Strength: With a desired High-strength it generates a high-output torque.
  • Make: The safety shift device is Built into the body of gear operator.
  • Safety: IP67 protection standards are used for solid weatherproof sealing which makes it unaffected from bad working conditions.
  • Benchmarks: Mounting base standard, ISO5211.
  • Quality: Our unique patented Pneumatic-hand shift safety device makes it more safe and handy for usage.
  • Bearings: our designs have Self lubricated bearings for worm & worm gear. Stainless steel is used as a material.
  • Finishing: 5 WCB body surface treated by phosphating, epoxy & polyester coating.
  • Color Choices: Yellow & black colors are provided for a smart look and eye-pleasing view.

Experience All Torque Control

Like this product we use only standard materials in each & every parts in order to minimize the associated failure risks and to provide you a highly desired All Torque Control quality assurance.

With the wisdom of our highly talented workforce and with an ever evolving engineering expertise our DFM Series Manual override gears has an array of choices suiting and customized specially according to the need and requirements of our valuable customers. Our economical Price Tags make the products even more lucrative.

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